Respectful conduct in court

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will ensure court proceedings are able to continue without delay by making it an offence to engage in disruptive behaviour during hearings.

It will also become an offence to fail to stand for a judge or magistrate.

The new offences will mean that a person can be removed from the court and charged with contempt of court, with the maximum penalty to be a $1250 fine or three months’ imprisonment.

Why we’re doing it

South Australians expect certain standards of behaviour will be adhered to in court and no one should find themselves on the receiving end of abuse, nor should we condone failing to stand for a judicial officer.

However, the existing powers of courts are insufficient in some cases for enforcing respectful conduct.

By giving judges greater powers to enforce stricter standards of respectful conduct, courts are better able to maintain community confidence, proceedings can continue without unnecessary delay and procedural fairness can be upheld.

That’s why we will act to enforce respectful conduct in our courts.