Security for farmers

We are committed to supporting our primary producers

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will provide protection and financial security for farmers by enforcing a mediation process before a creditor is able to foreclose on a farming operation.

This process will be mediated by the Small Business Commissioner, increasing the likelihood that the dispute can be resolved without farming operations being foreclosed upon.

It will put South Australia’s farmers on a level playing field with their east coast counterparts and ensure they have a model in place they can rely upon in difficult times.

Why we’re doing it

Our farmers face constant cost pressures.

South Australia’s primary industries directly employ over 37,000 people and generate over $18 billion a year in economic activity.

Currently however, our farmers have no mandatory financial mediation process to fall back on. This means a farming operation can be forcibly foreclosed without any form of negotiation.

We believe our farmers should be given the opportunity to present their case to an independent mediator to facilitate a positive outcome for all parties involved and that’s why we will introduce legislation to mandate a mediation process.