Shops to trade when they want

We'll be supporting business through better government

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will deregulate shop trading hours to allow businesses to remain open, South Australians to keep working and consumers to keep buying what they want, when they want.

These changes will provide greater choice for consumers and more opportunities for South Australians working in retail.

Our reforms will extend to removing restrictions which currently prevent retailers selling certain types of goods on Sundays and public holidays, which means you can buy a car on a Sunday if you so choose!

Why we’re doing it

A prime example of unnecessary government red tape affecting all of us is our restricted shop trading hours. They simply don’t reflect the society we live in.

You can order food at the click of a button. You can buy clothes online in the middle of the night. You can book a hotel in London on your smart phone.

But in metropolitan Adelaide, many stores in our prime shopping districts are not able to operate on Sunday mornings, public holidays, or be open past 5 pm on weekends.

Even more bizarrely, current regulations mean it is illegal to sell a car or boat on a Sunday or public holiday, but it is not illegal to sell hardware.

In Victoria and Tasmania, the number of small retailers grew significantly after they removed shop trading restrictions, creating more jobs and more opportunities.

That’s why we will give traders the right to choose when they open and South Australians the opportunity to choose how and when they shop.