Showcasing South Australia to the world

We're proud of South Australia, and we want to show it to the world

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will enable South Australia to secure more lucrative events to increase tourism, create jobs and drive economic growth by increasing our Event Bid Fund to $40 million over four years.

We will also allocate funding equally between the two arms of the Event Bid Fund – the Major Leisure Event Fund and the Convention Bid Fund.

Why we’re doing it

Major events showcase South Australia to the world.

They’re important for other reasons as well.

They attract interstate and international visitors, support teams, spectators, audiences and convention delegates.

They keep our restaurants and shops busy, fill our hotels and provide business for our tourism operators throughout South Australia.

Major events mean more jobs and more investment for South Australia in a range of industries including retail and transport as well as hospitality. They are essential for a strong economy.

That’s why we will significantly increase our investment in South Australia’s Event Bid Fund.