Stopping abuse of prescription drugs

What we’re doing

A Marshall Liberal Government will prevent the abuse of prescription drugs by implementing real-time prescription monitoring in South Australia.

Our funding will:

  • support the rolling out of monitoring software at pharmacies
  • provide training and support for doctors and pharmacists to identify and help prescription drug misusers
  • provide counselling and addiction treatment services.

When implementation is complete, hundreds of GP clinics, pharmacies and hospitals will be able to do an on-the-spot check before prescribing or dispensing medicines that are at high risk of misuse.

Why we’re doing it

The inappropriate use of prescription and over-the-counter medicines has increased significantly in Australia and is of great concern to coroners, pharmacists, medical practitioners and the broader community.

Many prescription overdoses are linked to ‘prescription shopping’ between multiple doctors and pharmacies. While there are some tools available to monitor this behaviour, they are not integrated with dispensing or prescribing software and their use is not mandatory.

Real time prescription monitoring directly addresses the needless loss of life through misuse of drugs.

That’s why we will implement a state-wide, real-time monitoring system to address the growing misuse of prescription drugs.