Stopping Scalpers

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will protect people wanting to attend major events from missing out or being exploited by taking strong measures to protect the public from scalpers.

We will:

  • make the relevant legislative changes required to make it an offence to resell a ticket to an event for more than its cost plus booking fees and charges of no more than 10%
  • outlaw the use of ticket bots.

Other states have introduced measures to prevent scalping to send a clear message to these opportunists that they are not welcome.

The South Australian public deserves much more effective protection as well.

Why we’re doing it

The Weatherill Government has failed to protect people wanting to attend major events like the Showdown and Big Bash from ticket scalpers.

The current law only applies to the rare occasions a major event has been formally declared and, even then, there has been no serious attempt to enforce the law.

This issue is being made worse because of the increasing use of computer programs, or bots, that enable scalpers to buy up tickets in remarkably quick time, cheating any security measures that may exist on ticketing websites.

The prevalence of ticket scalping denies fair access to tickets for members of the public who love sporting events and live entertainment and the South Australian public deserves more effective protection from this practice.

That’s why we will legislate to modernise ticket scalping legislation.