Support for irrigators

We are committed to supporting our primary producers

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will give greater support to River Murray irrigators in their forward planning.

We will give irrigators the information and tools to plan through the provision of probability scenarios for water allocations on a quarterly basis, rather than annually as has occurred until recently.

Our framework will be consistent with current practice in New South Wales and Victoria where regular probability scenarios are given to irrigators in those jurisdictions.

Why we’re doing it

River Murray irrigators make a significant contribution to the South Australian economy.

They use their water allocations to grow wine grapes, citrus and horticultural crops which earn valuable income from export and domestic markets.

It is a tough business because it is difficult to predict from one year to the next how much water will be available.

While recently the South Australian Government has increased the frequency with which forecast water allocations are provided, more needs to be done.

That’s why we will provide more regular information about water allocations as a priority.