Supporting veterans and their families

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will provide a range of support to former defence personnel and veterans and continue to recognise their service to our nation.

This includes:

  • Access to government services – strongly supporting data collection on the number of veterans and ex-service personnel in South Australia who become homeless, experience mental health problems or are in prison so that we have a better understanding of the needs of veterans and can deliver better services to them.
  • Family support – supporting the Partners of Veterans Association of Australia to continue to provide vital services to partners and families of veterans via a small grant to assist with administrative costs including printing and membership management.
  • Greater recognition – beginning the process to re-memorialise Anzac Highway, starting with shifting the memorials which are currently located on median strips to road verges to make them more visible and accessible.

In implementing this policy, the Premier will be personally responsible for the Veterans Affairs portfolio to ensure an across-government approach to the delivery of services and support.

Why we’re doing it

It is estimated there are about 27,000 veterans residing in South Australia, including partners, families and carers.

Tackling mental health and other challenges facing ex-serving ADF members and their families must remain a priority.

During a recent review into suicide and self-harm prevention services available to current and former serving ADF members and their families, several issues were raised highlighting a lack of awareness of services available.

Veterans and their families need to be understood, supported, and recognised.

That’s why we will ensure veterans can easily access government services, their families are supported, and work is continually undertaken to enhance recognition of their sacrifice.