Swim and survive

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will provide financial support to families to encourage the participation of children aged one to five in water confidence and aquatic safety programs.

We will do this by providing a $50 subsidy per family for children who participate in one of the surf lifesaving programs for children under five – Surf Babies and Little Life Savers.

These programs aim to build the confidence of adults in taking young people to the beach through instruction about hazards, responding to a beach-based emergency and supervising children in the open water.

In addition to helping parents, this investment will keep our children safe by ensuring they have a basic understanding of sun and water safety and first aid.

Why we’re doing it

We all want our children to be safe at our beaches but sadly during recent years, there have been several swimming tragedies.

The Education Department funds swimming and surf education lessons through VACSWIM but children can’t access these lessons until the age of five.

School principals have told us the amount of school time devoted to swimming lessons is not enough to produce competent swimmers.

With South Australia’s countless beaches and waterways, it is vital as much as possible is done to provide young children and their families with water safety education.

That’s why we will financially support families who want to send their children to the surf lifesaving water confidence and safety programs.