Targeted preventative health

What we’re doing

A Marshall Liberal Government will introduce prevention strategies which target support to those who are at greatest risk.

We will identify and engage with specific individuals, sub-groups and communities at higher risk of becoming ill or becoming more ill.

A Marshall Liberal Government will have a four-pronged approach:

  1. To avoid or defer the onset of disease and disabilities
  2. To better manage complex health conditions for people who are most at risk of being high consumers of hospital care so that their quality of life is better
  3. To provide as much care in the community as possible
  4. To ensure fair access to health care across the South Australian community.

This is part our commitment to evidence-based strategies to maximise the impact of services and address the threat of ill-health.

Why we’re doing it

South Australia used to be a leader in preventative health care and in avoiding hospital admissions.

But under Labor’s Transforming Health cuts, our hospitals are under increasing pressure, having to treat patients who may not need to be there in the first place.

For some South Australians, factors such as family medical history, their life journey or their personal circumstances put them at significantly higher risk of developing a health condition.

If we identify people at risk and provide them with targeted support we can improve their lives and reduce the cost that greater illness and incapacity brings.

This is both more cost-effective and has better health outcomes and that is why we are fully committed to targeted preventative health care.