The war against drugs – stopping the scourge in schools

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will ensure that effective, evidence-based healthy living and substance abuse prevention programs are made available to all school children.

We will also ensure SAPOL becomes more engaged in delivering anti-drug messages at schools – particularly in schools where there may be a larger cohort of students vulnerable to illicit drug dealers.

This will include enabling police officer sniffer dogs to be used as an effective tool in the fight against drugs in our schools.

We will work with SAPOL, the Department of Education and the Independent and Catholic school sectors to develop effective protocols to enable schools to more easily access the use of police dogs in schools as part of the broader police engagement strategy in our schools.

Why we’re doing it

Drugs such as ice destroy potential, damage families and waste lives.

We must make every effort to stop the scourge of drugs – including by taking preventative actions in our schools to stop people using drugs in the first place.

This includes minimising harm to children and their peers by ensuring school students know that bringing drugs onto school property will not be tolerated under any circumstances and giving schools the support they need to enforce this.

There is also a need to more widely deliver education programs providing preventative messages about substance abuse.

That’s why a Marshall Liberal Government will work with non-government organisations to ensure that students across South Australia, especially those identified as being particularly at risk, can participate in prevention programs while in school.

There needs to be a holistic approach that prioritises prevention and early intervention. That’s why we are committed to starting the conversation with students in our schools.