Transparent local government

What we’re doing

If elected in March a Marshall Liberal Government will make it mandatory for all South Australian councils to publish travel expenses in their annual report to increase transparency and accountability.

We will take this action recognising that in South Australia, the State Government has constitutional responsibility for the affairs of local councils.

Why we’re doing it

South Australians are fed up with councils wasting their rates on outrageous expenses, including ridiculous travel costs.

There is no shortage of examples of local government wasting ratepayer’s’ money, whether they are sending elected members off to the Australian Open for a week or funding golf memberships or luxury cars all at the expense of ratepayers.

Currently, however, there is a complete lack of transparency and accountability in the way councils are reporting how they spend ratepayer money.

This is simply unacceptable and ratepayers have a right to know how much of their dollars are being spent on travel for elected members as well as other expenses.

That’s why we will ensure local government has the same level of scrutiny and transparency as State Government Ministers and their staff when it comes to disclosing travel expenses.