Our Vision for the oRAH Site

What we’re doing

A Marshall Liberal Government’s ambition for the Old Royal Adelaide Hospital (oRAH) site will enhance this prime urban location, boosting tourism and creating jobs and activity in the east end of our CBD.

We will establish on the oRAH site:

  • An Innovation, Incubator, Start-up and Growth Hub;
  • An International Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Food Services; and
  • A National Gallery for Aboriginal Art and Culture.

Our world-leading Hub will give South Australians with imagination and initiative the opportunity to bring their ideas to market and build businesses that can go global without the need to leave their home State.

Our International Tourism and Hospitality Centre will restore the reputation South Australia once had for training the world’s best chefs and hotel managers, showcasing a State with a life-style second to none and making our city a mecca for international students.

The National Gallery will recognise the unique art and culture of our first people and ensure the world can get to know a lot more about it.

A Marshall Liberal Government’s plans for the site will also include:

  • Integration of the site with the Botanic Gardens;
  • An Adelaide Contemporary Art Gallery; and
  • International standard hotel accommodation.

Our plan is to use this opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of the oRAH site and provide a ‘Boulevard’ connection with the riverbank as well as connectivity east-west from the Botanic Garden to Frome Road.

Why we’re doing it

The old Royal Adelaide Hospital (oRAH) site is on Adelaide’s premier cultural boulevard, North Terrace, and close to the vibrant East End which hums with commercial activity and night-life.

The use of such an important place in our capital city needs to work for all of us. That means using this opportunity to create a major pedestrian boulevard in the east end of our city connecting North Terrace with the River Torrens so that locals and visitors alike can move hassle free between these important parts of our city.

And ensuring what happens on this site showcases to the world what we are capable of in South Australia and what we can become as a State.

These opportunities, and others, are missing from current planning for the oRAH site.

Re-development of a site which has been so important to our past offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a statement to the nation and the rest of the world about South Australia’s future.

That’s why we are pushing the boundaries and ensuring that we make the most of job creation, education and cultural opportunities on this site.