War graves

What we’ll do

A Marshall Government will honour those who have given their lives for our country by providing funding for ongoing grave leases for war veterans in dedicated RSL approved burial sites.

This will ensure ongoing tenure for more than 8,000 plots.

We will also honour veterans by investing $30,000 in the Headstone Project to ensure our First World War veterans are appropriately commemorated.

This project aims to identify the unmarked graves of First World War Veterans and to erect a simple headstone so a veteran would no longer be anonymous, their service would be recognised and their families would be given a place to mourn.

Why we’re doing it

State and territory governments have responsibility for the graves of many war veterans.

In South Australia, all graves are purchased through a 25-year lease. When the lease expires, a family member must repurchase it for the following 25 years or the grave is removed.

Another issue with ensuring the final resting place of our veterans is appropriately recognised is the number of unmarked graves, estimated to be one thousand across South Australia and as many as 12,000 nationwide.

Given the service they have provided to their nation in its war efforts, maintaining their grave sites is the very least a government can do.

That’s why we will ensure grave leases for veterans do not need to be repurchased and we will invest in providing headstones for unmarked graves.