Water security for farmers in the South East

We are committed to supporting our primary producers

What we will do

If elected in March 2018 a Marshall Liberal Government will put on hold any further cuts to water allocations in the South East Natural Resources Management (NRM) region.

We will also initiate a review of the science on which these cuts have been proposed by DEWNR.

Why we will do it

Water is important to the environment. It’s also important to farmers, their productivity and their ability to be efficient producers and exporters.

Water Allocation Plans (WAP) have been developed to set out rules for managing the take and use of water and ensure resource sustainability.

The establishment of WAPs has tended to be convoluted, taking a number of years. This has created uncertainty, particularly to those using water to grow crops.

Reductions in WAPs often have a significant economic impact, reducing the productivity of regions and hurting individuals and communities, reducing on-farm jobs and cutting our potential exports through reduced yields.

It is clear that action is needed to maintain public confidence in the process of developing and implementing WAPs.

That’s why we will put a halt to any further cuts to water allocations in the south east NRM.