Year 7 into high school

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will ensure our students are not left behind their counterparts in other states by initiating the transition of Year 7 from primary school into high school.

South Australia is the only Australian jurisdiction that still has Year 7 in primary school despite the experience of other states which shows that year 7s thrive in a high school setting.

Why we’re doing it

Moving Year 7 to high school will enable schools to have fully developed middle school programs. Research shows this is beneficial for students in the year 7-9 age group.

The national curriculum to which South Australia is a signatory has a focus on specialist maths, science and English teaching for Year 7 students and these subjects need to be taught by specialist teachers, who are found in a high school setting.

Keeping Year 7s at the primary level means they are studying a high school curriculum in primary school classrooms and missing out on specialist tuition.

Our year 7 students cannot continue to be left behind. That’s why we will improve long-term educational outcomes for South Australian students by moving year 7 into high school.